Saturday, January 22, 2011

'Aloha Palestine' Gaza Perspective

By: Jehan Alfarra
I recognize the value of aid brought into Gaza and with all my heart appreciate the immense efforts undergone by all sincere conveyers and Palestinian solidarity figures to help the Gazan population. But right as Ken O’Keefe put it when I interviewed him on the matter” Bringing Aid… All that does is deal with the results of the problem, it does not deal with the root of the problem… We need to establish trade; once we establish trade, we can get raw materials in, the factories can be rebuilt, people can go back to work, the economy can be developed, Palestinians will have no need for aid! None.”
And that is precisely what I think more energy should be put into, and which I am most concerned with. Trade. I have been thrilled to hear of ‘Aloha Palestine’ which was the reason I made sure to interview Ken O’Keefe and spread the word. Aloha Palestine is ‘a Safe Trade shipping company based in the European Union, created to transport passengers and cargo to and from Gaza, Palestine.’
In this must-watch interview, O’Keefe talks about Aloha Palestine, what’s behind the name, what the objectives of the company are, and he talks about the Israeli illegal and inhumane siege imposed on the Gaza Strip in general:

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