Saturday, April 23, 2011

To all the ones actively trying to discredit Ken O’Keefe

By: Saeb Shaath

we know for a long time, There is a well-planned campaign to discredit Ken O’Keefe, it’s not the 1st and it’s not going to stop, since his struggle and hard work for Justice is making a difference and exposing the Zionists.

I do not need to introduce myself to the ones who does not know me, Google me in all languages, then you’ll understand that I speak from the heart of the oppressed struggle against their oppressors, specifically the Palestine cause, never flinched from saying it the way it is.

Ken O’Keefe is a man who we trust, respect, admire, appreciate and love. From my experience of working, leading Ken and I humanitarian missions from hard impossible situations, delivering their success to the victims, this in its own is the answer to anyone trying to discredit or tarnish him, since these difficult situation shows what men are made of, and we know very well indeed who our comrade Ken is. You shall not succeed in harming him since we are united with him all the way, we are brothers, we are comrades and we are freedom fighters. 

Dr Saeb Shaath


Photo:   Ken and I Breaking the siege of Gaza Nov 2010

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  1. Much love to Ken and all his friends and family everywhere, we all know he's the real deal. Still glad to see everyone coming out in support to smash this nonsense.