Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Jo Ann Wescott is slandering Ken O'Keefe, George Galloway and myself. And others to many to mention here.

Jo Ann Westcott is Libel / slandering Ken O'Keefe, George Galloway and myself and others to many to mention here. Please be aware of her. Messages from several of my best friends. Who she has also has involved in this slander and defamation of character.

Laurence De Mello
Laurence De Mello April 30 at 7:41pm
She has blocked me from the thread to make comments and she has removed me from her list which SHE added me to only 4 days ago. I have no doubt she is part of a sleeper cell and the John Carlo sidekick is also may be an Israeli shill, especially as he made some rather odd remarks about Muslims!!! Otherwise she is a total nutcase, but I'm more inclined to believe the former.

Anna O'Leary
Anna O'Leary May 1 at 3:55am Report
David, just to say thank you for handling that SLUT Jo Ann Westcott so well. She has had her 24 hours of fame so I hope we see the end of her now.
Possibly she was a plant. We always knew that such would emerge nearer the time of the Flotilla.
She unfriended me and anyone that opposed was her show.
I have talked to cate and kept all the posts as I get a Google alert when anyone posts anything I am tagged or commented I have copies direct from FB if we ever need to do a legal bit on her.
My email address is:


I find email more secure than this for sensitive topics.
Take care David,
and thank you,

 Jo Ann Westcott's lie's about George Galloway:

Catherine Myles May 9 at 7:01pm Report
Hi there George,
Anything like this is counter productive to freeing Palestine which I do believe is your goal.
I have sent all her details in next message to avoid confusion.
Wishing you much luck in all you do and the upcoming election..
One Love
Cate x

George Galloway
George Galloway 03 May at 07:46 Report
Thanks Cate I appreciate that. The oddest thing is that I / we don't have a convoy coming up!
GG x

Catherine Myles 03 May at 14:11
Thanks George take care of yourself..I sent you the link through Gabriel Standish that was advertising your convoy, which she claims is sitting in Syria..Very odd.
Love n respect
Cate xx

George Galloway
George Galloway 08 May at 10:25
its a figment of her imagination I'm afraid, but thanks for your vigilance

Catherine Myles 08 May at 18:24
Hi I ma just sory this dreadful woman has involved have enough BS to deal with..My sincere regrets on the election results, I think the voters made a grave error, there are too few in politics with real conviction.Well probably just you left...
Hope you are successful in next bid.
Love n respect
catherine xx

Catherine Myles 09 May at 16:25
Oh goodness pls forgive the typos xx

George Galloway
George Galloway 09 May at 16:57
a pleasure my dear

David Markarian
David Markarian  8:35pm
Hey Amir, brother you weren't supposed to find out that Ken and I were going to kill you in Gaza, but the cats out of the bag now. I think I just pissed myself laughing.

Amir Khan

Jo Ann Wescott Amir Khan is in danger because, he has given "them" a lot of money that is beyond reasonable. Ken made the mother load with Amir. And poor Amir he thinks he is helping Gaza. Amir also thinks Ken is real to the cause for the children. And Ken is not!!

Harry Pity
Harry Pity 8:28pm Report
David i just wrote to her asking in an innocent way that I dont know what is going on and due to our long time friendship could she fill me in this is the answer I just got:

Jo Ann Wescott Amir is in danger Harry!!!!!!! Ken and David have gotten a lot of money from him. Amir thinks he is special because, he is in the in crowd. Amir is a good guy. And he just wanted to have a good cause to feel needed and important. He is in danger Harry!!!!

Ken O'Keefe
Ken O'Keefe May 8 at 1:09am Reply 
Save it, again this needs to be usable in a court of law so figure out what is legally usable in a court of law.

Jo Ann Westcott's profile picture complete with Ken's TJP logo.
Lunatic stalker Jo Ann Westcott !!! Armed and dangerous !!!
Noor Ahmed Let Jo Ann Show her Proofs .. And i Will show mine for every 1$ where it did go for the Samonies and other projects ! Those people are PAID to attack people who really work hard for Palestine !! Also She Looks Too Fake !!!

Noor Ahmed : Let Jo Ann Show her Proofs .. And i Will show mine for every 1$ where it did go for the Samonies and other projects ! Those people are PAID to attack people who really work hard for Palestine !! Also She Looks Too Fake !!!

What the people on the ground in Gaza say about Ken O'Keefe

David Markarian
Anybody involved in the unjust slander and defamation of Ken O'Keefe and his continuing work in Gaza, please be advised you slur all of us. Remove yourself from my list immediately.

You and Mousheera Jammal like this.
Mousheera Jammal big like also remove yourself from my FB ,, thanks david we all love ken
Mousheera Jammal
Mousheera Jammal May 11 at 5:55am
dear david ,, is there somthing make you sad like this ,,?? we love ken we are family

David Markarian May 11 at 5:57am
Yes Mousheera, Jo Ann Wescott

Mousheera Jammal May 11 at 5:59am
she is just stuped one forget about bad ppl we know what we do and what we want.


  1. Why all the nasty name calling ??? Jo Ann never ever said a bad word about George Galloway in fact myself and Jo Ann have always admired George he is a great person and dose so much great work i also watched him on big brother lol and i hate boreing big brother but George had me in stitches ,he has such great personality and we love him. Also wath dose that sign you put on Jo Anns picture mean ??? the hand and torch and star in a triangle all in a circule Can you buy these badges in a shop ?? can anybody tell me what they mean thank you.

  2. Yes i agree with he above. What do logo mean ? Is masonic ?

  3. I WANT TO KNOW WHY DAVID MARKARIAN IS GOING TO pALESTINE ? Also is there any connection with david and freemasions ?Can david show us proof that he is not involved in porn ? I am very very concerned citizn..

  4. Jo Ann Wescott is a nutbar, a fraud, a glory seeking cad and a truly horrible person. She WILL burn in Hell.