Aloha Palestine

Ken is also co-founder and Managing Director of Aloha Palestine, a Safe Trade shipping company initiative to transport passengers and cargo to and from Gaza, Palestine. It is lesser known that Ken was aboard one of the first boats to arrive in Gaza in the Free Gaza Movement in 2008.  

Aloha Palestine video clips follow (below) with more information on this great initiative; Ken appears in the second clip.  
Aloha Palestine – Part One
Aloha Palestine – Part Two
In this interview on January, 17, 2011, O'Keefe talks about Aloha Palestine and the need for Trade in besieged Gaza. He also sends a message to the world, particularly Americans and Westerners.

Don’t miss Ken O’Keefe’s searing statement in the immediate aftermath of being released after the attack on the flotilla if you haven’t already seen it.