Deep Ecology

By: Ken O'Keefe 

In 1996 I founded a scuba diving company in Hawaii that would become 'Deep Ecology', a company with the following mission statement;

'To provide superior service and customer satisfaction.
'To protect and defend the marine environment we operate within.'

We took that mission seriously and the result has been dozens of beach clean-ups, 10 Ghost Net recoveries (2 at 200+ feet deep), over 50 endangered Green Sea Turtle Rescues which resulted in well over 100 news stories and ultimately the founding of a legitimate Marine Sanctuary in a state with less than 1% of its coastline protected.
The sea is indeed my first love and I have been blessed to give something back, but this does not change the fact that our oceans are literally being raped, we are destroying our oceans. If we are sane, if we truly understood the extent of the damage and our involvement in it, we would be horrified to hand future generations the disaster of ocean eco-systems in collapse. We owe it to our children to begin facing the hard truth about our impact on the sea, and more importantly, changing course dramatically.

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