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By: Anwar Benny


1.  Ken O'keefe is a freemason because he describes himself as a one world citizen???
2.  ken stealing money from the project? errr  ive seen this guy in the same shirt for a year. to this day i havent seen one bit of solid evidense to support these claims


3.  Kens head wound under israeli detention was fake it was only a bump the blood must of come from some where else? maybe mossad gave him ketchup??
4.  Ken was happy about vittorios death because he was jealous of him???

a picture with his victim

5.  Ken hijacked the road to hope convoy?. ask us the organisers we will tell you he helped save it
 Hijacking Road to hope

6.  Ken hijacked the Strofades IV (greek ship) as a publicity stunt and a way to ask for more money. Even when the people who were there and the video prove otherwise
7.  Ken O'keefe has fathered illigitamate children! ken we are waiting for your billyjean video when is it coming out
8.  Ken you lied about renouncing your US citizenship who gives a poo if he did or didnt! obama got a fake birth certificate,he got a nobel prize and is the coolest black man on earth he even got jayzee on his speed dial
9.  Ken kills people after they donate to his waiting with a knife under my pillow
Ken i thought YOUUU was full of conspiracy theories but Wow i didnt think you will be  starring in so many

Duping the prime minister

10. Ken is a terrorist
11. Ken went to Gaza to give Hamas commando training

1.  you've only been in the palestine activism game a few years and now your are one of the most famous faces for it. ive spent thirty years struggling for the same cause and i don't get half the attention you get....i feel so cheated it should be me. i wish i went on the marvi marmara. hate you ken you stole the lime light from me.
2.  Ken i loved you so much and you rejected my love for you. after all i have done for you all the hours and late nights writing about you online and you rejected me I HATE YOU  now i will make your life hell and spend the rest of my life destroying you.
3.  he hates Zionists so they hate him

if you don't trust him with the money then let some one else who is trusted handle it and leave him to continue with the project WHICH HE FOUNDED problem solved project continues

how can we take some body seriously when they speak over an hour on a radio show about the wound on his head was faked (INSANE) and he didnt dissarm israeli souldiers even if he faked the blood on his head. if he did  i must commend him for using his inciative to take advantage of a situation which is rare!  israelis murder children and resort to the most devious tactics ever seen on this earth so double points ken if you faked it.
self smearing ketchup
We know ken has a confrontational approach to things as we witnessed on road to hope some didnt like it but he made his intentions very loud and clear so if people on the samouni convoy  didnt like his style why didnt you simply wait for another convoy or do your own passive convoy dont hijack the mans efforts? thats his way it takes different approaches some times. let it be!
 All talk 

You could be destroying one of the best voices we have for the cause. Every one should rethink their position and ask themselves what evidence they have seen for themsleves to make a judgement on this man. as i said ken has become puplar and rejected a few bored menapausal womens love who have too much time on their hands trying to destroy him with all these chinese whispers all over facebook. my message to them is GET A JOB

back stabber

QUESTIONs with all due respect
  1. Cathy if you had good intentions what prompted you to continue with the project and writing the vehicles into your own name?
  2.  Dr saeb Why did you only hours before praise ken okeefe by saying what a great man he is and then overnight become against him?
  3. Noor you have worked with Ken for months you cant just stand on the sideline its our right to know your view on his conduct experiance with him?
  4. Ken whats the situation with the samouni visas?
Behold, you received it on your tongues, and said out of your mouths things which you had no knowledge; and you thought it to be a light matter, while it was most serious in the sight of God (24: 15)

Hijacking of Trade Not Aid Mission – Endangering Woman in Gaza

By: Ken O'Keefe

Thus far I have been extremely reserved about the events of this hijacking, with regard to the instigators of this hostile takeover I have only stated one primary fact. That is that the vehicles bought with funds acquired for Trade Not Aid were fraudulently registered in the name of Catherine Myles. This fact alone should be sufficient to tell people what this hijacking is all about.

But despite my limiting the information to the facts, the takeover crew are now continuously engaged in a slander campaign ala Jo Ann Westcott. Catherine Myles and Saeb Shaath, are now working as one, and what is being said is disgusting and dangerous. Among the claims these two are responsible for, and this is not a comprehensive list;
1) I have stolen money from my campaign.
2) That I am mentally ill.
3) That I see “Islam is a joke”.
4) That I have “nearly” been arrested twice in Gaza by Hamas because I attempted to lure young woman to my apartment.
5) That I am unwelcome in Gaza.

I have spoken to Noor Harazzen, the Palestinian Director for the Samouni Project in Gaza, she has verified that she and any other woman I had contact with is now in danger in Gaza. These lies are actively being spread both online and with the people of Gaza directly, including the Samouni family. The maliciousness of spreading these lies with the children of the Samouni family, children I helped build a playground for, children I am developing a classroom and education program for, is tantamount to emotional torture. These children love me and I love them, and the spreading of lies about me to them is unforgivable. It reeks of Zionist tactics and shames everyone involved.

With the Samouni kids.

For those who do not know, the accusation that a young, un-married woman would be involved in an intimate relationship with a married, Western man is explosively dangerous. Noor is a courageous young woman and I am honoured to have her as a sister and a colleague, but I am angry that such a dedicated young sister would be put in serious danger, used as a pawn by people stealing a mission intended to help Palestine. All of this is nothing more than a blatant power grab, and Noor, along with other Palestinian sisters are apparently meaningless.

Saeb Shaath knows the danger I am speaking about here and thus I cannot be silent about the disgraceful role Mr. Shaath is playing in this madness. Mr. Shaath was in my home in the last week, he held my baby boy and claimed to bless him; he said repeatedly, minutes before the “committee” meeting used to hijack my mission, “I am behind you 100% brother”.

At this point Catherine Myles is no better than Jo Ann Westcott, both are first class slanderers who would be facing slander and liable charges in court if only I had the money. Saeb Shaath is now part of this threesome, claiming to lead the mission I founded, Saeb Shaath is by his participation and silence party to a fraud, and now he is complicit in a slander and recklessly endangerment that puts young woman in Gaza in grave danger.

If anything happens to any of the woman I knew in Gaza then Catherine Myles, Jo Ann Westcott and Saeb Shaath should all be held responsible. I call on Saeb Shaath to preserve some semblance of dignity, walk away from this disgraceful hijacking and condemn both Jo Ann Westcott and Catherine Myles for their dangerous and disgusting slander.

PUBLIC NOTICE - The Hijacking of the Trade Not Aid Mission

By: Ken O'Keefe

As the founder and Managing Director for the Samouni Project and Aloha Palestine CIC, the social enterprises that form the partnership of the Trade Not Aid Mission (TNA Mission) to Gaza, I must declare that a hostile takeover of the TNA Mission is currently underway. The primary instigators of this takeover are Catherine (Cate) Myles and Saeb Shaath. The latter going from no formal position or significant contribution, financially or otherwise to this mission, to being the leader of a “committee” that effectively renders my position as leader redundant. For the record, this committee is the primary vehicle for a blatant power grab.

I cannot deny that this takeover attempt is a direct result of my atrocious character judgment, specifically my entrusting one Catherine Myles as my “personal assistant” and accountant. Believing in her sincerity, TNA Mission funds were channeled to Ms. Myles with direction from myself to carry out certain tasks. Among those tasks was the purchase and registration of TNA Mission vehicles, these include a full sized coach and a mobile office mini-bus, both specifically designated for the Samouni Project, along with an 18-ton truck to be used as the primary trading vehicle for Aloha Palestine. In my failure to verify registration details however, these vehicles were fraudulently registered in the name of Catherine Myles, rendering them her personal property. The level of deception and pre-meditation for this takeover is ever clear to me now, and it relied upon the fraudulent registration of these vehicles in the name of Catherine Myles.

Knowing she was the legal owner of the vehicles, Police were called by Ms. Myles in order to protect her property as the vehicles and cargo secured for the Trade Not Aid Mission were taken against my will to a destination unknown. To be 100% clear, these vehicles have been literally hijacked from the mission and are now controlled by people who conspired to subvert myself from within the mission.

I apologize to every supporter of this mission, to the people of Palestine and everyone distracted from more important matters. But I also call on you to effect justice and the end of this takeover once and for all.

Regardless of these developments I shall remain a diligent, loyal worker for Palestinian justice, as well as an honorary member of the Samouni family. I continue to have the families full support as the leader of this mission. Samouni family members will be joining this mission and so I urge those involved in this fraud to distance yourself from it and condemn this takeover in the interest of the vehicles and cargo being returned without delay.

Mona Samouni announcing support for Trade Not Aid Mission in Gaza.

The following people require specific mention for their role in this takeover, they took the vehicles and aid and are ultimately coordinating and facilitating this takeover. Cath Jenkins, Jez Cuthbert, Allison Hubbard, Catherine Myles, Doug Myles and Saeb Shaath.


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Happy Birthday, Ken!

July, 21 marks Ken O'Keefe's birthday!!!

The samouni family and children are holding a party for him in Gaza at 5 pm. And this is his message to all of them:

And this is a video on Facebook made for him!

Trade Not Aid team- On the Road


Saturday, July 16, 2011

Trade Not Aid Palestine Stall: Glasgow- July, 18

As part of the Trade Not Aid Palestine UK tour Monday the 18th July is the date for a two part event in Glasgow. All afternoon until 6pm there will be a stall promoting the cause in St Enoch Square as part of the Trade Not Aid UK Tour, being conducted to connect the people of England, Scotland & Wales to the people of Palestine in a physical, tangible way. In the evening there is also a public meeting at 7:30 in the STUC 333 Woodlands Road with speakers including Mavi Marmara survor and Tradde not Aid Palestine founder Ken O'Keefe, Bilal Anwar of Friends of Al Aqsa and others to be confirmed.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Birmingham to Leicester video - July, 12

Video of Trade Not Aid UK Tour, Birmingham to Leicester. Great people, great contributions. Thanks to all who are getting onboard. 

Check out the Trade Not Aid UK tour dates here

Monday, July 11, 2011

Trade Not Aid video from Birmingham- July, 11

Latest Trade Not Aid video from Birmingham, including part of a radio interview with Unity Radio. 

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Reading Mela Festival July 10, 2011

We have hit our first venue on our Trade Not Aid UK Tour in Reading. We are at Palmer Part at the Mela Asian Music Festival. Will be here till around 9pm. Come down, support our mission to Gaza. 
Check out the Trade Not Aid UK tour dates here

Let's hit it!

On the road in the UK, support our Trade Not Aid Mission and we will get to Gaza and more importantly, start exporting "Made in Palestine" products so the people can get beyond charity and into self-determination. TJP

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Trade Not Aid UK Tour - July 10 to July 28

The Trade Not Aid Mission to Gaza (a partnership of Aloha Palestine and the Samouni Project) is beginning a 17 city tour of the UK on July 10th in Birmingham at the Reading Mela (Asian Music & Culture Festival) in Palmer Park.  I will speak at the festival and at select cities on the tour.  Topics will include what I saw on my recent 6 month visit to Gaza, the murder of Vittorio Arrigoni, and of course the details of the Trade Not Aid Mission.  I will also discuss the status of the Samouni Project and the classroom and educational program we will complete upon our arrival in Gaza.  I will also address the well-orchestrated Zionist attack attempting to defame me. 

Most importantly however, we will connect Palestinian supporters in the UK with Palestinians in Gaza in a physical, tangible way.  We will even have beautiful hand made items “Made in Palestine” for sale at our marquee tent, as well as products made by the Samouni family themselves. 

Mahmoud Samouni collecting Chili Peppers on Samouni land in Gaza.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

One for the Women

By: Ken O'Keefe

This is one of those very unplanned articles born out of inspiration in Egypt.
I arrived in Egypt after being blocked by the Egyptian security services four separate times over the course of nearly three months.  During this period, with an easy opportunity for attention and exposure, I kept my mouth almost completely shut.  In the meantime I have quietly done what I could to depart Gaza and return to my family and to join my wife for the birth of our second child.  Instead I was repeatedly blocked, missed the birth of our child and have been unable to give emotional, physical and even financial support to my family.  All the while it has never been lost on me that this is only a small fraction of the injustice thrust upon Palestinians every single day.
The blessing in this is that the Samouni Project and other very promising work has transpired, due directly to me ending up in Gaza longer than planned.  I am always keen to turn negatives into positives, and that is exactly what I have done.
In this extra time in Gaza, being separated from my wife and family I have become that much more aware of how ultimately blessed I am as a man.  What my wife endures, all too often without any tangible support from me, is a man who is gone much of the time, who works every single day when he is absent or around, a man who earns almost no money and who by the nature of his work brings danger not just to himself, but possibly to her and our family.  When you add all this up, I have a gem of a woman, the best kind of woman (in my mind anyway), a Palestinian woman, a shining example of womanhood.
It is said that behind every great man you will find a great woman.  I do not look at myself as a great man per se, but I do see the greatness of the women in my life, and if I do indeed succeed in my ultimate goals, you can thank these women every bit as much as me.  They have played the essential role in my character development, they are Goddesses, the fabric of a healthy society and responsible for the most important job that exists, that of being a mother.

Departing Gaza

Inter-Trade Project Press Release

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Renouncing US Citizenship (The Full Story) - Ken O'Keefe

Samouni Project Convoy

 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^l |^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^| l
| ♥ A truck convoy to Gaza, join the cause ♥..||”"”;..,_
|……_______=====_| l_______________l _||__|…, ] | |
“(@)’(@"""""*l'(@)l'(@)l """"""(@)'(@)""""'(@)

Samouni Project Convoy to Gaza July, 2nd depart London.. Please Support our efforts

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Samouni Calss Room. Progress.

Listen to the beautiful Samouni children get excited about painting the classroom. They helped you know :)

Monday, May 16, 2011

Samouni Bee Project

By: Tom Baker
Here at the Samouni project we are looking for sustainable, traditional projects to help people help themselves and not rely on handouts. In our newest project we aim to provide the Samouni clan with several beehives and local beekeeping training with a view to export the produce they make from the hives. This will not only help provide work and income for the Samouni project but it will also help pollination of crops in Gaza.

Beekeeping is a Palestinian tradition nearly seven millennia old - the oldest archaeological remnants shows mud beekeeping in the Canaanite era in the Babb El Wad area, now West Jerusalem. Honey is a highly regarded food source with recognized medical properties, the bee even has it's own 'Sura' in the Koran where the healing properties of honey are talked about.

We are looking to bring in the materials to make 10 hives for the Samounis on our 'Samouni Project Convoy' leaving the UK on July 2nd and we are calling in the help of the Zaqzuq family, who have been keeping bees for many years in Gaza.

In exchange for training the Samounis in how to keep bees We also are looking to provide the Zaqzuq family with materials to rebuild their hives that were damaged in Israeli attacks. (See Video The materials will be purchased in the UK, cut and made to measure for assembly in Gaza at the Samouni project.

To clarify, the $1500 is for materials for 10 hives for the samounis including multiple 'supers' (honey storage units) 'Nuc' hives (for new swarms), hive tools and bee suits. Any additional materials will go towards making up to 20 hives for the Zaqzuq family'

Tom Baker
Samouni Beehive project

To contribute, CLICK HERE 
Ken O'Keefe: I am really excited about this and to arrive here with our convoy in the middle of summer with surfboards and all sorts of water sports equipment with trainers and have a big water sports camp for the kids will just be incredible. A great, great blessing for all. TJP

Palestine Surf Club Logo Contest (Ends 4pm May 19)

Graphic Artist(s) Needed - Who wants to make the 'Palestine Surf Club' logo? I am working with the brothers and sisters here to officially form the club, the website is being built, we need the logo. Help do something special!
Here is the challenge to all graphic artists out there; the Palestine Surf Club is being formed and they need a logo. It’s a surf club, so come up with something that combines quintessential Gaza/Palestine with surfing. This is a fun contest so give it your best, post it on my wall & send it to me in a pm as well. We shall see who gets the best response from this Facebook family, so make your voice heard.
Gaza surfing

We have our first Palestine Surf Club meeting tomorrow and another one in three days, we shall see what the guys and gals in the club think of the logos we have by then, with your feedback the club will decide which logo is for them. So we are on a tight schedule, please submit your logo by 4pm Gaza time Thursday, May 19.
Gaza surfing

This should be real fun, really happy to see all you talented people using your skills for something that will ultimately bring real joy to the children and adults alike this summer and beyond.

And on that note, if you have any water sports equipment, Kayak’s, surfboards, Wind Surfboards, wetsuits, rash guards, skim boards, SCUBA equipment (although we really would need a compressor as well), a boat, outboard motor, anything water sports, donate it to our convoy departing on July 2, we will take it to Gaza.
Post surf talk

If you are a water sports trainer (or teach music while I am at it), and you love children, you may be able to teach in Gaza. This will have to be approved by the parents and government here, but once ok’d you will be in the position to do something that will profoundly affect your life in the most beautiful of ways.

If you have anything at all that could enhance our mission to provide not just surfing, but water sports activities for children in Gaza, then you let me know, let us make this as beautiful as it possibly can be.

To participate, here is the facebook page where Ken's note is originally posted:

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Third Intifada - Gaza, Palestine - May 15, 2011

Ken O'Keefe: I have just gotten back from Erez Crossing, the feeling was electric and the will of the people stronger than ever.

Ken O'Keefe: The Third Intifada. Today was a day in which the people clearly showed they are not scared at all. Furthermore the people are beginning to realise their ultimate power. There will be justice!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Jo Ann Wescott is slandering Ken O'Keefe, George Galloway and myself. And others to many to mention here.

Jo Ann Westcott is Libel / slandering Ken O'Keefe, George Galloway and myself and others to many to mention here. Please be aware of her. Messages from several of my best friends. Who she has also has involved in this slander and defamation of character.

Laurence De Mello
Laurence De Mello April 30 at 7:41pm
She has blocked me from the thread to make comments and she has removed me from her list which SHE added me to only 4 days ago. I have no doubt she is part of a sleeper cell and the John Carlo sidekick is also may be an Israeli shill, especially as he made some rather odd remarks about Muslims!!! Otherwise she is a total nutcase, but I'm more inclined to believe the former.

Anna O'Leary
Anna O'Leary May 1 at 3:55am Report
David, just to say thank you for handling that SLUT Jo Ann Westcott so well. She has had her 24 hours of fame so I hope we see the end of her now.
Possibly she was a plant. We always knew that such would emerge nearer the time of the Flotilla.
She unfriended me and anyone that opposed was her show.
I have talked to cate and kept all the posts as I get a Google alert when anyone posts anything I am tagged or commented I have copies direct from FB if we ever need to do a legal bit on her.
My email address is:


I find email more secure than this for sensitive topics.
Take care David,
and thank you,

 Jo Ann Westcott's lie's about George Galloway:

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Jo Ann Wescott vs. The Truth

Misusing funds, cheating donors, pocketing money intended for children, having affairs with women behind his wife's back, and even going so far as to be a serious threat to someone's life: These are just some of the charges and accusations that are being hurled at Ken O'Keefe by someone on Facebook who calls herself "Jo Ann Wescott."

Monday, May 9, 2011

O’Keefe and survivors of Cast Lead "massacre" join forces in safe-trade project to rebuild Gaza

By Stuart Littlewood

Stuart Littlewood describes how Palestinian rights activist Ken O’Keefe and survivors of Gaza’s Samouni family, many of whom were murdered by Israeli troops in 2008-09, have pooled their efforts to launch a project designed to promote self-reliance among Gazans through trade.

No fewer that 29 members of the Samouni family, including many of the women and children, were callously slaughtered by Israeli troops during their assault on the Gaza Strip, known as Operation Cast Lead, some two years ago.

For the benefit of those who have not seen the  Goldstone Report, extracts describing events in considerable detail are included in an appendix below. After reading the report it is no surprise that the Israeli regime has pulled out all the stops to discredit Judge Goldstone and his colleagues for daring to reveal the true behaviour of “the most moral army in the world”.

The dispassionate way Goldstone tells it is horrific enough. Other sources say the killing spree was actually much, much worse – nothing less than a cold-blooded massacre.

Samouni Inter-Trade Palestine, Trade Not Aid

Today my team heard from mothers, fathers and children of the Samouni family their story of the Hell on Earth created by Operation Cast Lead.  Twenty-nine people were killed in this family: children shot in front of parents, parents shot in front of children, 97 people in one home blasted to bits by rockets and mortars.  They were made to live amongst the mutilated and dead for several days; while ambulances were kept away some died slowly over hours and even days. 
Ken O’Keefe (Gaza, March 2011)

Our MissionSamouni Inter-Trade Palestine (SIP) is a social enterprise international trade mission. We endeavour to catalyse the end of Gaza’s charitable dependency through import and export trade.  We do not seek simply to alleviate the suffering of the people in Gaza. Our ultimate objective is to eliminate preventable, blockade-derived suffering.  We recognise the loss of dignity that is inherent in compelling a people to live on aid.  We are focused on the root of the problem and thus we are committed to replacing aid with trade.
Samouni Inter-Trade Palestine logo
Our motives are humanitarian and non-profit. Our objective is to regularly transport people and cargo through Rafah Crossing without obstruction, which is an essential prerequisite for viable trade.  In the long-term, our goal is for Gaza to be rebuilt with its infrastructure functioning to capacity, for an egalitarian economy to develop and a transformation from despair to prosperity to take place.
First Board Meeting for the Samouni Project
Our MethodWe will take an international trade convoy from London on July 2, 2011, intending to arrive in Gaza on July 22.  Among our drivers will be members of the Samouni family.  Our cargo will include raw materials such as textiles and building materials, industrial machinery and equipment geared towards economic development and the rebuilding of Gaza.  Upon offloading our cargo we will immediately begin to reload our trucks with ‘Made in Palestine’ products. Our task then will be to export these products to markets abroad.
Aloha Palestine CIC & the Samouni Project
This convoy is comprised of two primary partners, Aloha Palestine CIC and theSamouni Project.  Both are EU registered, non-profit companies, with Aloha Palestine being a community interest trading company.
The Samouni Project mission is to provide long-term quality education along with community services to over 200 members of the Samouni family, as well as residents of the surrounding community of Zeitoun in Gaza.  To date the Samouni Project has planted an olive tree orchard, built a playground, procured our classroom/community centre, and recruited teaching staff who are currently developing the curriculum.  In addition, we have painted the classroom and collected textbooks, computers, arts and crafts, school supplies, a microscope, telescope, globe, screen projector, and musical instruments in order to create a welcoming and well-supplied classroom.  Our next essential task is to transport all these materials from London and to secure running costs for teaching staff and administration of approximately £2400 a month.
Samouni family members authorising Samouni Project Mission
The aims of the Samouni Project complement and empower the mission ofAloha Palestine, whose function is to transport the cargo in order to complete the classroom and begin classes.  Any attempt to block Aloha Palestine will be publicised as highly injurious to the Samouni family, and tantamount to denying this family and its children the education they deserve.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Samouni Family Project. From A to Z.

In this video, Ken O'Keefe talks about how the Samouni Family Project started, and why the Samouni Family in particular. He discusses the ultimate goal of the project among other things :)

Slander vs. Sanity

By: Ken O'Keefe

The last week and a half has been increasingly entertaining, albeit in a seriously dangerous way.  First I had the head of an Irish charity send me a message threatening to expose me as a fraudster and extortionist.  My plan, apparently, involved producing a video of a poor and suffering child in Gaza (Areej) and soliciting funds to be given not to me, but to the Irish charity.  Then I would extort the money from the family by use of a Palestinian collaborator (a Facebook “friend”), but of course, only after the charity gave them the money I had raised with the video.  They never really explained why I had the money sent to their charity in the first place.
I responded to the threat by posting her accusations on Facebook and soliciting facts about how much money was sent to the charity.  I then visited the family to hear their side of the story.

Revisiting Areej & family in order to get to the bottom of what I am being accused of.