Monday, May 16, 2011

Samouni Bee Project

By: Tom Baker
Here at the Samouni project we are looking for sustainable, traditional projects to help people help themselves and not rely on handouts. In our newest project we aim to provide the Samouni clan with several beehives and local beekeeping training with a view to export the produce they make from the hives. This will not only help provide work and income for the Samouni project but it will also help pollination of crops in Gaza.

Beekeeping is a Palestinian tradition nearly seven millennia old - the oldest archaeological remnants shows mud beekeeping in the Canaanite era in the Babb El Wad area, now West Jerusalem. Honey is a highly regarded food source with recognized medical properties, the bee even has it's own 'Sura' in the Koran where the healing properties of honey are talked about.

We are looking to bring in the materials to make 10 hives for the Samounis on our 'Samouni Project Convoy' leaving the UK on July 2nd and we are calling in the help of the Zaqzuq family, who have been keeping bees for many years in Gaza.

In exchange for training the Samounis in how to keep bees We also are looking to provide the Zaqzuq family with materials to rebuild their hives that were damaged in Israeli attacks. (See Video The materials will be purchased in the UK, cut and made to measure for assembly in Gaza at the Samouni project.

To clarify, the $1500 is for materials for 10 hives for the samounis including multiple 'supers' (honey storage units) 'Nuc' hives (for new swarms), hive tools and bee suits. Any additional materials will go towards making up to 20 hives for the Zaqzuq family'

Tom Baker
Samouni Beehive project

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Ken O'Keefe: I am really excited about this and to arrive here with our convoy in the middle of summer with surfboards and all sorts of water sports equipment with trainers and have a big water sports camp for the kids will just be incredible. A great, great blessing for all. TJP

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