Thursday, July 7, 2011

Trade Not Aid UK Tour - July 10 to July 28

The Trade Not Aid Mission to Gaza (a partnership of Aloha Palestine and the Samouni Project) is beginning a 17 city tour of the UK on July 10th in Birmingham at the Reading Mela (Asian Music & Culture Festival) in Palmer Park.  I will speak at the festival and at select cities on the tour.  Topics will include what I saw on my recent 6 month visit to Gaza, the murder of Vittorio Arrigoni, and of course the details of the Trade Not Aid Mission.  I will also discuss the status of the Samouni Project and the classroom and educational program we will complete upon our arrival in Gaza.  I will also address the well-orchestrated Zionist attack attempting to defame me. 

Most importantly however, we will connect Palestinian supporters in the UK with Palestinians in Gaza in a physical, tangible way.  We will even have beautiful hand made items “Made in Palestine” for sale at our marquee tent, as well as products made by the Samouni family themselves. 

Mahmoud Samouni collecting Chili Peppers on Samouni land in Gaza.

We will travel with our 18 ton truck in order to collect specific items including medical aid, raw materials and equipment that is highly useful for the people of Gaza to get back on their own two feet and shed their charitable dependency status.  More details to come at out website (  

The bottom line is there is no plan like Trade Not Aid for Palestine, when you hear the details you will know just how intelligent and serious this mission is… and then you will know why the Zionists and their agents are so scared of us. 

If you would like to host an event for us, notify local media, set up interviews or worthwhile meetings, or a speaking engagement for myself or Dr. Saeb Shaath from Gaza, then message me, we will make something happen.  

We are visiting 17 cities, many of you have strong contacts in these cities; now is the time to use them and do something real for Palestine.  I look forward to hearing from you.  TJP

Our Trade Not Aid banner.

Reading 10th July (Sunday 12pm - 9pm) Reading - Reading Mela 2011, Palmer Park, Wokingham Road, Reading, RG6 1LF

Birmingham 11th July (Monday 12pm - 9pm)

Leicester 12th July (Tuesday 12pm - 9pm) - Jame Masjid, 51 Asfordby Street, Leicester, LE5 3QG

Liverpool 13th July (Wednesday 12pm - 9pm)

Manchester 14th July (Thursday 12pm - 9pm)

Bradford 15th July (Friday 12pm - 9pm)

Newcastle 17th July (Sunday 12pm - 9pm)

Glasgow 18th July (Monday 12pm - 9pm)

Blackburn 19th July (Tuesday 12pm - 9pm)

Nottingham 20th July (Wednesday 12pm - 9pm) - The Market Place, Hyson Green, next to ASDA, NG7 6AP

Birmingham 21st July (Thursday 12pm - 9pm)

London 22nd July (Friday 12pm - 9pm)

London 23rd July (Saturday 12pm - 9pm)

Luton 24th July (Sunday 12pm - 9pm)

Milton Keynes 24th July (Sunday 12pm - 9pm)

Slough July 25th (Monday 12pm - 9pm)

Bristol July 26th (Tuesday 12pm - 9pm)

Gloucester July 27th (Wednesday 12pm - 9pm)

Swansea July 28th (Thursday 12pm - 9pm)

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