Saturday, July 30, 2011

Hijacking of Trade Not Aid Mission – Endangering Woman in Gaza

By: Ken O'Keefe

Thus far I have been extremely reserved about the events of this hijacking, with regard to the instigators of this hostile takeover I have only stated one primary fact. That is that the vehicles bought with funds acquired for Trade Not Aid were fraudulently registered in the name of Catherine Myles. This fact alone should be sufficient to tell people what this hijacking is all about.

But despite my limiting the information to the facts, the takeover crew are now continuously engaged in a slander campaign ala Jo Ann Westcott. Catherine Myles and Saeb Shaath, are now working as one, and what is being said is disgusting and dangerous. Among the claims these two are responsible for, and this is not a comprehensive list;
1) I have stolen money from my campaign.
2) That I am mentally ill.
3) That I see “Islam is a joke”.
4) That I have “nearly” been arrested twice in Gaza by Hamas because I attempted to lure young woman to my apartment.
5) That I am unwelcome in Gaza.

I have spoken to Noor Harazzen, the Palestinian Director for the Samouni Project in Gaza, she has verified that she and any other woman I had contact with is now in danger in Gaza. These lies are actively being spread both online and with the people of Gaza directly, including the Samouni family. The maliciousness of spreading these lies with the children of the Samouni family, children I helped build a playground for, children I am developing a classroom and education program for, is tantamount to emotional torture. These children love me and I love them, and the spreading of lies about me to them is unforgivable. It reeks of Zionist tactics and shames everyone involved.

With the Samouni kids.

For those who do not know, the accusation that a young, un-married woman would be involved in an intimate relationship with a married, Western man is explosively dangerous. Noor is a courageous young woman and I am honoured to have her as a sister and a colleague, but I am angry that such a dedicated young sister would be put in serious danger, used as a pawn by people stealing a mission intended to help Palestine. All of this is nothing more than a blatant power grab, and Noor, along with other Palestinian sisters are apparently meaningless.

Saeb Shaath knows the danger I am speaking about here and thus I cannot be silent about the disgraceful role Mr. Shaath is playing in this madness. Mr. Shaath was in my home in the last week, he held my baby boy and claimed to bless him; he said repeatedly, minutes before the “committee” meeting used to hijack my mission, “I am behind you 100% brother”.

At this point Catherine Myles is no better than Jo Ann Westcott, both are first class slanderers who would be facing slander and liable charges in court if only I had the money. Saeb Shaath is now part of this threesome, claiming to lead the mission I founded, Saeb Shaath is by his participation and silence party to a fraud, and now he is complicit in a slander and recklessly endangerment that puts young woman in Gaza in grave danger.

If anything happens to any of the woman I knew in Gaza then Catherine Myles, Jo Ann Westcott and Saeb Shaath should all be held responsible. I call on Saeb Shaath to preserve some semblance of dignity, walk away from this disgraceful hijacking and condemn both Jo Ann Westcott and Catherine Myles for their dangerous and disgusting slander.

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  1. PART 1 - Bollocks - You are a pathological con artist. You have been misappropriating funds and no amount of smooth talking, subterfuge and diversion are going to alter that. You used Samouni funds for a Mac book Pro for yourself (Fraud). Attempted to get a convoy member to say she was driving a vehicle that you crashed (Fraud!!)and have been pocketing funds on the UK promotional tour (Fraud and theft). What is worst is the now desperate measures you are taking to divert attention away from yourself.
    Why is it that no other activist in the Palestinian movement has ever been accused of misappropriating funds - solely YOU? Please do not say that MI5, the CIA or Mossad have it in for you as quite seriously - you are nothing special and assume an importance you do not have! Also do not say that people are jealous of you. Jealous of what - a man who has a string of failed ventures to his name but sees these as successes?
    Why is it that you set up projects that you never complete - a ship to Gaza, 10,000 people to Gaza etc, etc, etc. You are a failure at everything you have ever put your hand to, but, for reasons known only to yourself (or perhaps a certified psychiatrist) you have a persecution complex worthy of any Zionist. People are always out to get you aren't they! Zionist, infilitrators, MI5, MI6, Mossad, the CIA - it is tedious beyond measure.
    None of this would have ever happened if you had done the honourable things and published your incomings and outgoings. You refused to do this because you believe that you have the fundamental right to take money meant for Gaza because you have some quite frankly bizarre Messianic complex. You are not Desmond Tutu or Nelson Mandela or any person worthy of the mantle of hero.