Saturday, July 30, 2011


By: Anwar Benny


1.  Ken O'keefe is a freemason because he describes himself as a one world citizen???
2.  ken stealing money from the project? errr  ive seen this guy in the same shirt for a year. to this day i havent seen one bit of solid evidense to support these claims


3.  Kens head wound under israeli detention was fake it was only a bump the blood must of come from some where else? maybe mossad gave him ketchup??
4.  Ken was happy about vittorios death because he was jealous of him???

a picture with his victim

5.  Ken hijacked the road to hope convoy?. ask us the organisers we will tell you he helped save it
 Hijacking Road to hope

6.  Ken hijacked the Strofades IV (greek ship) as a publicity stunt and a way to ask for more money. Even when the people who were there and the video prove otherwise
7.  Ken O'keefe has fathered illigitamate children! ken we are waiting for your billyjean video when is it coming out
8.  Ken you lied about renouncing your US citizenship who gives a poo if he did or didnt! obama got a fake birth certificate,he got a nobel prize and is the coolest black man on earth he even got jayzee on his speed dial
9.  Ken kills people after they donate to his waiting with a knife under my pillow
Ken i thought YOUUU was full of conspiracy theories but Wow i didnt think you will be  starring in so many

Duping the prime minister

10. Ken is a terrorist
11. Ken went to Gaza to give Hamas commando training

1.  you've only been in the palestine activism game a few years and now your are one of the most famous faces for it. ive spent thirty years struggling for the same cause and i don't get half the attention you get....i feel so cheated it should be me. i wish i went on the marvi marmara. hate you ken you stole the lime light from me.
2.  Ken i loved you so much and you rejected my love for you. after all i have done for you all the hours and late nights writing about you online and you rejected me I HATE YOU  now i will make your life hell and spend the rest of my life destroying you.
3.  he hates Zionists so they hate him

if you don't trust him with the money then let some one else who is trusted handle it and leave him to continue with the project WHICH HE FOUNDED problem solved project continues

how can we take some body seriously when they speak over an hour on a radio show about the wound on his head was faked (INSANE) and he didnt dissarm israeli souldiers even if he faked the blood on his head. if he did  i must commend him for using his inciative to take advantage of a situation which is rare!  israelis murder children and resort to the most devious tactics ever seen on this earth so double points ken if you faked it.
self smearing ketchup
We know ken has a confrontational approach to things as we witnessed on road to hope some didnt like it but he made his intentions very loud and clear so if people on the samouni convoy  didnt like his style why didnt you simply wait for another convoy or do your own passive convoy dont hijack the mans efforts? thats his way it takes different approaches some times. let it be!
 All talk 

You could be destroying one of the best voices we have for the cause. Every one should rethink their position and ask themselves what evidence they have seen for themsleves to make a judgement on this man. as i said ken has become puplar and rejected a few bored menapausal womens love who have too much time on their hands trying to destroy him with all these chinese whispers all over facebook. my message to them is GET A JOB

back stabber

QUESTIONs with all due respect
  1. Cathy if you had good intentions what prompted you to continue with the project and writing the vehicles into your own name?
  2.  Dr saeb Why did you only hours before praise ken okeefe by saying what a great man he is and then overnight become against him?
  3. Noor you have worked with Ken for months you cant just stand on the sideline its our right to know your view on his conduct experiance with him?
  4. Ken whats the situation with the samouni visas?
Behold, you received it on your tongues, and said out of your mouths things which you had no knowledge; and you thought it to be a light matter, while it was most serious in the sight of God (24: 15)


  1. Hassan Ghani: Just a quick note to say that whatever else is being said - I personally witnessed Ken disarm an Israeli soldier (with the help of another person) so there is no doubt on that matter.

  2. Omar Ibrahim: Anwar Benny and Hassan Ghani two brothers I know are solid.

  3. Richard Viner: Being a part of the Road to Hope convoy I know and saw for myself that Ken did everything in his power to help the vehicles and people get to Gaza under such difficult conditions.If it was not for the efforts of people like Ken,Kieran,Samir,Anwar,Has​na and others we would not of succeeded.

  4. Kieran Turner: With Road to Hope and the very intense days on the Strofades, I got to spend a lot of time with Ken very close up. Of course, just like with every one of us, he has facets of his personality which some will like and some will not. And nobody is claiming that every decision he makes is perfect, so the people in glass houses should stop throwing those stones. But Ken is a man with a very good heart and a willingness to put an incredible amount of effort into everything he takes on. We should certainly be grateful for having such a caring and dedicated worker on our teams.

  5. Ashraf Tantish: Whatever they say about Ken, the man has brought a good attention to the Palestinian suffering in Gaza and he was strong enough to ensure that he can do something out of nothing. As long as there is no good evidence, We can say that those who keep on attacking him" They are clearly Israeli" and they are known to us, so plz don't believe their lies!!!

  6. Omar Ibrahim: I have never met Saeb Shath but I have met Ken twice, I trust him. I have worked hard for this project and have been on convoy with many people on here I trust. On convoy we all agree that the most important thing is not to fight each other but to get to Gaza and deliver the aid and make the links and make a valid contribution towards rebuilding Gaza as best we can. Making the trade links was the remit of this mission that Ken envisioned and I stand by him and his idea. The most important thing in this is the bereaved children of the Samouni family who this project is intended for and whom Ken has built strong links with.

  7. Iman Hammad: I support everyone that cares for Palestine, but I'm upset that Ken has labeled Saeb Shaath, Greta Berlin, Catherine Myles, Allison Hubbard, and others as "zionist agents". I mean, come on. I have known of Greta for about 8 years and it is ludicrous. She is an amazing activist, spokesperson, etc. It is just wrong, people are allowed to question. That is why we are all activists.

  8. JeJe Alfarra: First off, I want to tell Iman Hammad that personally if I were accused of so many serious things (contradictory as well), then I should be expected to be angry and have my tongue go out of control. Zionist agent is nothing compared to what he has been accused off, last one on my blog that he's responsible for the death of the 9 activists because he 'confronted Israeli soldiers when he wasn't supposed to'.

    I believe this matter has been handled in a seriously disrespectful way. Slander all the way. At least respect what the man has done throughout his life, respect the idea itself and him as a founder. This is not a way to handle something this big.
    If he had done something, it should have been resolved legally, and quietly. This is harming not only the person in question (especially if it turns out he's innocent), but it's also harming the solidarity movement, Palestine, Gaza, and the Samouni family.

    The greater the shadow gets, the closer the light is. And so I will wait for the truth, and will not judge people based on zero evidence. Although I must say I have always respected Ken and I still do, and I've lost a lot of respect for those who have nothing better to do than to slander the man and accuse him of all sorts of shit. Yeah Anwar, your accusations list is lacking, there is a lot more than that. How disrespectful and dishonourable. Not only he is slandered, but everyone who supported him like myself. Nihaya Qawasmi says I have turned back against my people because I supported him. Isn't that similar to zionist? or traitor?

    Pathetic, disrespectful, and dishonourable.

  9. Erminia Scaglione: I think that if just one of those accusations had true inside they would be in a written report on the table of a lawyer and not at all on FB this is shit gossip and i refuse anyone that use this network to try to defame other people. What's all this shit!!! Stop it now!!! Say to hamas to give to the Vittorio's Family the dossier of the investigations instead to spread out all this "supposition" around, defamation is a big crime in a lot of countries. And the gossip about my my friend death is horrible and infamous. Facts not blablablablabtybla

  10. Diane Moye: Ken has done alot of great things for the Palestinian people. and personally i see this all as a way to undermine the entire effort. A huge smeering campaign to destroy his image, destroy the financial connections, and to keep all of you bickering and fighting back and forth and busy with each other so that your eyes and minds will be off what is really going on. You have all been duped. As to who the perpetrators REALLY are, we all know. As to who they really got to, we will all find out in time for sure. Everyone needs to stop in your tracks and actually back up because your to close to the forest to see the trees. I have stayed silent in this matter becaus eim listening and watching. Some people like to play games dont they? And for all of those people who want to make it out like Ken is some freemason because he used the name New World Citizen, your just playing right into the drama, and thats if you arnt one of the ones here trying to keep it going. FOR YOUR INFORMATION KENS IDEA OF NEW WORLD CITIZEN IS ONE WITH TRUTH JUSTICE AND PEACE. And every single damn one of you part of the smear campaign should be ashamed of yourselves because you have been soooo duped into destroying the one and only project that could have brought so much hope. And there is still time to save it, but if you dont turn your eyes and minds and EARS to whats really going on, everything is going to be lost. KEN I LOVE YOU MAN. YOU HAVE DID A AWESOME JOB. AND ITS OK THAT YOUR A HUMAN BEING AND NOT PERFECT. I NEVER EXPECTED YOU TO BE. SOME OF THE MOST IMPERFECT MEN HAVE MADE SOME OF TH EMOST INCREDIBLE CHANGES IN THIS WORLD. SO HOLD YOUR HEAD UP AND DONT LET IT PHASE YOU. ITS ALL GOING TO PASS, JUST HANG ON. AND KEEP YOUR HEAD UP BECAUSE WHEN YOU HANG IT LOW YOU LET THEM ALL KNOW THEY GOT TO YOU! I MIGHT NOT BE HERE POSTING ON YOUR PAGE EVERYDAY BUT I DEFINATLY AM WITH YOU ESPECIALLY IN SPIRIT. SO HANG IN THERE!! ♥ MUCH LOVE, LIGHT AND PEACE TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY.♥

    1. I could not agree more with you. Which f***** moron Israeli bitch is funding this garbage website. this website needs to be reported for hate crime.

  11. Erwin Gharib: Anybody who is destroying this project is helping the Zionists. That's all the Zionists wanted! They were furious about you guys helping Palestinians. So naive to let this happen, while all you guys did was helping Gazans

  12. Erwin Gharib: There should be a conspiracy against him! Ken has fought Zionism with all his power, I always had a feeling they will try to destroy him

  13. PART 1 - Bollocks - Ken O'Keefe is a pathological con artist. He has been misappropriating funds and no amount of smooth talking, subterfuge and diversion are going to alter that. He used Samouni funds for a Mac book Pro for yourself (Fraud). Attempted to get a convoy member to say she was driving a vehicle that you crashed (Fraud!!)and have been pocketing funds on the UK promotional tour (Fraud and theft). What is worst is the now desperate measures he and his followers are taking to divert attention away from whathe has done.
    Why is it that no other activist in the Palestinian movement has ever been accused of misappropriating funds - solely HIM? Please do not say that MI5, the CIA or Mossad have it in for him as quite seriously - he is nothing special and assumes an importance he does not have! Also do not say that people are jealous of him. Jealous of what - a man who has a string of failed ventures to his name but sees these as successes?
    Why is it that he sets up projects that he never completes - a ship to Gaza, 10,000 people to Gaza etc, etc, etc. He is a failure at everything he has ever put his hand to, but, for reasons known only to himself(or perhaps a certified psychiatrist) he has a persecution complex worthy of any Zionist. People are always out to get him aren't they! Zionist, infilitrators, MI5, MI6, Mossad, the CIA - it is tedious beyond measure.
    None of this would have ever happened if he had done the honourable things and published his incomings and outgoings. He refused to do this because he believes that he has the fundamental right to take money meant for Gaza because he have some quite frankly bizarre Messianic complex. He is not Desmond Tutu or Nelson Mandela or any person worthy of the mantle of hero.

  14. PART 2- He is merely a man who does not want to get a job, sees Palestine as a means of generating income and will probably move onto some other continent when all of this dies down. Where next Ken O'Keefe? Going to insert yourself into Myanmar, South America, Africa? I suspect there is a shed load of money to be made from the persecuted people there.
    He had no intention of going to Gaza. None. He simply thought that he could gain about £100,000 worth of donations and syphon some off for himself. That is the simple fact of the matter.
    Show proof that the Samouni family were going to be granted visas to travel. Show the proof. Any idiot would have realised that this was untenable. But since he insists it is true - show the correspondence which demonstrates otherwise. Catherine Myles et al are dangerous to you all merely because they have exposed you and if you were in the right, you would not be seeking money to help you fund a legal action against her (which you would probably take anyway!) - he would have headed down to his nearest police station to report her for fraud, and misappropriation of funds, but it appears there is far more evidence against him than her!
    Why did he use donated money to "do up his trucks" which advertised his various businesses IF he was going to donate those trucks to the Palestinian people? He has point blank refused to answer these questions - any of them - and this tactic of simply going online to post long, rambling and paranoid statements about people being Zionists and lifes being put at risk because of every single person other than HIMSELF, is cringeworthy. If he was honourable. If he had a single ounce of integrity, he would have answered these questions. No one has to be a soothsayer to know how he and his followers will now respond to criticism - ZIONIST, you will scream, CIA you will shout - hoping that the louder you shout this the more people will believe you. I aint no damned Zionist and I say it here and I say it loud- Ken O'Keefe is a practised con man. Anyone who loses the key to their brain to give him a single dime should be sectioned under the Mental Health Act.
    I'd advise, each and ever person who may have been affected by this man by giving donations or being pressured to give donations, to go down to your local police station, report him and then let's see where the die falls!

  15. Why didn't this witness come forward before?? How much did Ken bribe him with??? So this question is for Hassan Ghani, Do you know the name of the other man who disarmed this one Israeli??? Or do you only worship one God named Ken O'keefe???? Ken O'keefe is a thief and a liar. All of his followers who refuse to see it are just a part of the scam. Because, there is no way anyone can be that stupid to ignore what is really being presented against this Con Artist!! I hope he has lost his ass in all of this!!! Ken will call us all Zionists and Sleeper Cells, etc. Just so his sheeple can still keep buying his bullshit!! And these sheeple have to be in on it for them to be so blind!!!

  16. Oh, BTW I'm Jo Ann Wescott!!! And I don't care if Ken and David Markarian don't like me exposing them. And I don't care about their little moron sheeple either!! Ken O'keefe's exposure matters more at the higher levels. And those higher levels are checking out Ken O'keefe really hard right now. Kens little sheeple, worshipers, followers, liars will have nothing to say or do about higher levels taking down their "GOD" Ken O'Keefe. LOL!!! Their God will not be God for much longer!!! HA HA HA!!! And the higher levels do not include Israel. Because, Israel is what Ken is really working with. Ken O'keefe is within our Activists circles working for Israel. Ken takes all our money and Gaza gets nothing. Gaza dies of illnesses, injuries, starvation etc. Then Ken has a $700,000 dollar house he has been in since 2009. Yet, he keeps saying he is poor and has no place in London and has no money. Hmmm????? What about that expensive house???? Ken O'keefe seems to have been surviving and being supported off of Palestine Donations for many years. WOW!! His sheeple care more about a Con Man than Palestines suffering. What a shame!!!

  17. Ken O'keefe was hit one time on the forehead. So that explains the bump. So why the blood???? And Ken says he was beaten. NOOOOO!!!!! He was Hit!!!! Not beaten!!! And hit only one time on his way out of the plane!!! The rest got the shit beat out of them but, not good old Ken O'keefe. He would not have had one scratch if it wasn't for that one forehead bump. Ken made that blood happen himself. He needed it in order to get all the Media Attention. LOL! Ken is such a loser! LOL LOL LOL!! Wow, smart people do not buy into Ken O'keefes lies!!! LOL LOL LOL!!! Unless they are in on it!!! Oh, BTW I have the direct statement from a man who saw Ken get hit. He was part of the crew and also said the rest were beaten badly. And Ken was hit only once. That's why so many were confused because, Ken kept saying he was beaten but no one saw Ken get beaten. Ken made it sound as if he was beat up. But, he was not! He was only hit once.

  18. BTW, Ken O'keefe acts as if he was Vittorios best friend?!!! What?!!!! Vittorio had many great friends. And Ken O'keefe was an associate not a good friend. Ken used Vittorio for his own image props. Vittorios Mom had Vittorios best friends at her house for a private funeral session. Ken was not invited because, he was not really that good of a friend to Vittorio. And Ken to this day has not had any recognition from Vittorios mom. And that is because, Ken does not deserve any. Ken O'keefe just wanted to use Vittorio's name and face for his Grant Scheme of money collecting on Gaza's bloodshed. And I believe Vittorio found out what Ken was doing. And that is why Vittorio is gone now. Take a good look at how Ken and his people threaten other activists lives who have asked questions about Ken O'keefes money! Ken is capable of killing someone in order to keep his secret a secret. The big secret of stealing Gaza donations is very important to Ken O'keefe!!!! Ken has Israeli tie ins on this whole deal. Watch this guy!!

  19. Hassan Ghani, WHY!?? You as a reporter did not report the disarming in the very beginning? The initial IHH Report did not mention it either. As well as all other outlets. And why? Wasn't the other guy famous for disarming an Israeli and only Ken got recognition???? You must not be such a serious reporter after all. How could you leave this out of the initial reports? And there are more questions. Letting Ken O'keefe and his Friends hang themselves has been a success.


  21. I've only just noticed all of this now. The incident with Ken wasn't left out of initial reports. I mentioned this many times in the days following, including on the air, and so did others. I didn't name the other person because there were almost 600 people on that ship and I didn't know him or who he was or even get a look at his face in the chaos, the best I could do in the immediate aftermath was mention him. The incident was also mentioned in a documentary about the flotilla aired many months ago on presstv, long before all of this. You should really be careful before making such outrageous allegations about me, they've only weakened your credibility. I have no interest in supporting either side in this, but what I said happened DID happen. The fact that your immediate reaction was to slander me, rather than investigate further, is a great cause for concern. Hassan Ghani

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  24. Hi.. I in shock! I met with Ken when he organisied Human Shields Operation, named "London To Bagdat", Before second invasion of Irak. Almost same situation happened at that time. Many agents from many contries to stop that action. On came very hardly to Bagdat. As far as I know, he is a goog man. He understand very well what is actually hapeening in Middle East and other world. I offer to oppositions only that: Just think about what he did for Palastanien People or others, how much many he got for that effors? The opposition people even can't measure what is the cost of internationally propaganda! The person is a woman I think who criticised. And also says, Ken is a terrorist! It's just a comedy. He did very important efforts that no one can! Bu calm and look forward. Don't blame anybody even specially they are volunteers! Don't make them upset!

  25. Oh and don't forget, there's one other reason to hate Ken O'Keefe...he's a fucking idiotic imbecilic moron.

  26. David Evans:
    Ever since the Gaza Flotilla daysKen has been badmouthed by disguised Zios such as Greta Berlin who's primary goal is the preservation of Israel as a Jewish State.
    Ken is the most courageous and pure truth-teller I've ever met. He's a threat to closet Zionists, so he inevitably gets smeared.

  27. Well said! Thank you. It was very disappointing to see Kyle Hunt's article about Ken O'Keefe on Renegade Tribune, Hunt tending to side with the smearing (there is NO proof). Reminds me of Shamir's comment, "Israel" works all the rope."