Saturday, July 16, 2011

Trade Not Aid Palestine Stall: Glasgow- July, 18

As part of the Trade Not Aid Palestine UK tour Monday the 18th July is the date for a two part event in Glasgow. All afternoon until 6pm there will be a stall promoting the cause in St Enoch Square as part of the Trade Not Aid UK Tour, being conducted to connect the people of England, Scotland & Wales to the people of Palestine in a physical, tangible way. In the evening there is also a public meeting at 7:30 in the STUC 333 Woodlands Road with speakers including Mavi Marmara survor and Tradde not Aid Palestine founder Ken O'Keefe, Bilal Anwar of Friends of Al Aqsa and others to be confirmed.

We will be collecting items intended to help get the people of Gaza on their own two feet, specifically we are picking up good quality sewing machines, Bee hives, textiles such as cotton rolls, solar panels, a T-shirt printing machine and any such items that are valuable and can be used to produce marketable goods in Gaza. If you have any such items then we are ready to transport your machinery, equipment or raw materials so that the people of Gaza can produce their own income.

Unlike any convoy before it, our mission does not end upon arrival in Gaza, in truth our mission will not end until import and export trade is happening with such regularity and reliability that aid will no longer be necessary for the people of Gaza. The truth is that the people there do not want to live on aid; they have been forced to do so for over 5 years now. We intend to end Gaza's charitable dependency status, and that is why we will not only offload our goods in Gaza, but then reload our trucks to the brim, and export those goods to the people of Europe and beyond. If anyone tries to stop us then you will hear about it and we will do everything to correct this ongoing injustice.

As part of the Trade Not Aid Mission we are also developing the Samouni Project by delivering everything needed to begin first class education for over 100 children of the Samouni family. If you do not know the Samouni family story then see what Ken has to say about them here.

We are bringing these kids computers, books, paper and pens, a telescope, microscope, screen projector, arts and crafts, and much more. And we already have a loving and highly qualified teaching staff ready to provide full time, quality education. All we need to do is deliver the educational items and secure the modest salaries for the teaching staff. Come and meet us on our tour and we will provide a way for you to support the running of this educational program.

To support this mission in general and get us on the road to Gaza that much sooner, please donate the requested items or funds so we can get the Samouni classroom up and running, as well as the people of Gaza living with dignity not charity, sooner, as opposed to later. The time for justice is now, we can make it so.

The convoy is led by Ken O'Keefe & Trade Not Aid Palestine

Monday, July 18 · 12:00pm - 6:00pm
St. Enoch Square, Glasgow

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